Professional Pool Table Service, Installation, and Movers

At Installers Plus, we take care of your pool or billiards table and more. Whether you need to move your table to a different room or across the country, we are the pool table movers you can trust to protect against damage. We also provide all types of pool table service and installations.

Pool Table Installation

Installers Plus is proud to be Utah’s most trusted pool table movers and installation experts. We have the expertise, knowledge, and resources to install all brands, makes, and models.

We install, move, and service pool tables, billiard tables, antique tables, even snooker tables. Installing a pool table is a much more complicated process than most people realize. It requires someone familiar with the intricacies of maneuvering a pool table. Installers Plus offers professional assembly, felt placement, and slate leveling on any model of pool table. Each of these steps can cause damage to the table if done incorrectly, which is why it’s important to work with an experienced team of professionals.

New pool tables can cost anywhere from a thousand to twenty-thousand dollars, and with such a significant investment, you won’t want to take any chances during installation. When we install, we not only take care of the details and leveling, we ensure your pool table retains its original integrity though the process. Installers Plus is your first choice in pool table movers, installation, and providers of pool table service.

Pool Table Service

Are you looking for professional repair of your damaged or aging table? As Utah’s leading pool table mover and installer, we also specialize in all pool table services including re-felts, re-bumpers, temporary teardowns and reassembles, and more.

We service all types and brands of pool tables throughout Utah, even antique tables and one-piece slates. From servicing to re-covering, trust our dependable specialists to take care of your pool table investment.

One of the most common services you’ll need is re-felting. Pool table felt is designed to last for years, but it does eventually wear down, lose tension, or become bristly. Or, if you’re just looking to change the felt color of your table, we do that too. Either way, re-felting your pool table can bring new life to your table, the game, and the room. Another common repair is the pool table bumpers or cushions. If the cushions make a dull thudding noise when hit by a ball, they have lost bounce and need to be replaced. For any pool table service including upkeep and repair, we at Installers Plus are the experts you want on the job.

Pool Table Movers

Moving can be enough of a hassle without also having to worry about your pool table. As one of the leading professional pool table movers and installers in Utah, we take care of your pool table for you.

We handle every step of the moving process: teardowns, transportation, setups, and re-levels. Even if your table is an antique or a single slate, we have the experience and know how to get your pool table to your new location safely. Any time you have to take your pool table apart, you risk damage to the felt, the leveling, the wood, even the slate. In addition, improper handling of your pool table during the move, either by you or your movers, could lead to irreparable damage.

Although we do service and repairs too, don’t wait to call us until after your table has been damaged in a move. Rely on our qualified pool table movers, and get your table to your new location securely in the first place.

Professional Pool Table Installations

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We've been serving the pool table needs of customers across the state of Utah for more than thirty years. We're truly the best at pool table installations; our experience allows us to appreciate the intricacies of moving a pool table the right way. We’re also an expert repair and services provider, dedicated to protecting your pool table and providing you peace of mind.

Friendly, professional, experienced, and fast. Cory did a fantastic job accommodating our concerns. We took a few extra minutes making sure it was positioned where we wanted. He was patient and understanding with not only my requests but also my spouse’s. We thoroughly enjoyed working with him and his team. We look forward to future projects with his help and involvement. We highly recommend working with Cory. You won’t be disappointed!

I needed an antique pool table moved and called Cory for assistance. The pool table was in pristine condition when I left the house, and showed up to the new house in better condition. The reason I say that, is because there was some trouble with plaster being on the slate. Cory was able to sand it all off and use beeswax. He was very careful from start to finish, and when he promised to come back to fix the mistake of the previous pool table movers, he kept that promise. He stuck to the original price that he quoted even though he had to do a little extra work. If I could give 10 Stars I would. Thanks again Cory!

They were very professional and fast at the work. The pool table looks great. They gave me some really good care tips and recommendations, which was much appreciated as a new pool table owner. Easy to work with, and they were great about communicating with us. Would definitely recommend for you pool table needs.

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No matter where you are, we provide pool table service for every single county in the entire state of Utah. Whether you need pool table movers, installation, repair, or any other pool table service, we do it all, so contact us for your free estimate today.